Thursday, April 18

Getting to Know the Largest International News Agency

How much do you know about the news agency beside it being one that collects and distributes information in many different news areas? Do you know that the news agency has several types? In the international world, we also know that some of the largest international news agencies are becoming the main sources of news all for the world.

News Agency types

Before getting down to the largest international news agencies let us discuss a bit about the types of news agencies first. There are many types of the news agency, but here we will cover the most important ones only.

  1. Local News Agency

This first type of news agency is the one that focuses on the local affairs and news from what country it is located. Sometimes local news agencies will also cover international news but they need to be very important and have an impact globally. They will also cover international news if it is related to the country.

  1. Semi-international News Agency

Also called a regional news agency, this agency will not cover all international issues and news but will cover certain groups of countries. Semi international news agencies that we know now are the ones that cover European countries, the Middle East, etc.

  1. International News Agency

The agencies belonging to this type is the one that is focused on collecting the most number of lines covering many countries in the world and have a team of journalists and correspondents who are following updates from countries.

The largest international news agencies

These largest international news agencies have become the main source of news and information for many agencies all around the world.

  1. Associated Press

This is the American news agency which is one of the oldest news agencies. On its corporate website, you can find its latest headlines. Another big agency from the United States is the United Press International or UPI. The websites offer more full content that readers can read in full view.

  1. Reuters

Reuter is the biggest English news agency and it was founded by Paul Reuter in 1851. In its web, you can find sixteen regional editions and the extensive content is available. Photos and videos on the website can be watched for free.